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Lawn Aeration in Fargo, ND

While soil is vital to the growth of your grass, too much can stifle its development and even suffocate it. Fargo’s thunderstorms can compact the soil so that it’s too tight for roots to get the air, water, and nutrients they need. The quickest way to fix this is to bring in TruGreen for professional lawn aeration in Fargo, North Dakota.

There’s not a single soil type that can’t benefit from core aeration. It does wonders for the development of roots and the way they circulate water. With our efforts, your soil is much less likely to become compacted again, so your grass can grow strong and make your property beautiful.

Small-Town Service From a Big-Name Business

Because core aeration is such an important service for dealing with Fargo weather, you want it done by someone who knows what that weather is like. Rest assured that our local business is equipped to work around any weather condition to ensure your lawn is as prepared as possible. We even go so far as to exceed EPA expectations on environmental friendliness, because we love the outdoors and want to ensure you love it too.

What Aeration Entails

The reason aeration is such a crucial part of lawn care is that your grass can’t get the nutrients it needs without it. In addition, we leave the pulled plugs of soil on top of the lawn to decompose. This gives your grass nutrients and eases access to further resources by loosening the soil. Once we’re done, your roots will be able to move freely and easily.

Contact us and we’ll help your grass breathe again. We drive out to homes in the Fargo, North Dakota, area and its neighbors.

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